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High Sierra Communications Inc.

High Sierra provides network services and co-locate space. They can also provide engineering and installation service.

Straight Line Consulting and Construction, Inc.

Stright Line is a small, woman owned business with three decades of communication equipment installation and critical facility maintenance experience. Our goal is to offer our customers the best quality service for the best possible price. We want to investigate the root cause of each problem rather than sell a hardware solution that might fix the problem.

Nevada Microwave& Tower, LLC.

Nevada Microwave & Tower provides maintenance, testing and installation services for cellular, microwave and TV/radio broadcast systems. Nevada Microwave & Tower, LLC also installs and maintains DC backup power systems for communications sites including solar and wind turbine systems.

Nevada Microwave & Tower LLC is fully licensed, bonded and insured in Nevada.

NV Lic# 56959
NV Lic# 56960

Nevada Microwave



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Nevada Microwave using tightline to move material to the Slide Mountain, Nevada site. These pictures were provided by Nevada Microwave.

Bill Gentry using tight line to move antennas and equipment up Slide Mountain.These pictures were provided by Bill Gentry who built the Slide Mountain site in the 1950's.

Nevada Microwave



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