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P.O. Box 1796
Truckee, CA. 96160
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Industry: Telecommunications


Summit Communications, Inc. is a specialized company that supplies consulting, installation, and maintenance personnel, as well as winter site-access services, to the telecommunications industry operating in Northern Nevada and California. We have over 30 years of experience in the communications business.

While there are many companies providing consulting, installation, and maintenance outsourcing services, they most often do not provide winter site access to the snow-covered mountain top communications sites in our operating area. Thus, the services of a separate company are required to supply a snowcat and operator. Of course, being non-technical, the ‘cat operator is paid “stand-by” time while watching the techs perform their tasks -- not very efficient. Since our technicians are also highly experienced snowcat operators, with thousands of hours accessing some of the most difficult sites in the Sierra and Central Nevada mountains, we can offer a cost-effective alternative to our telecom customers by eliminating the need for a separate cat operator.

Winter site access safety, being of the highest priority, is another area in which we excel. Although our company is relatively new, for over 30 years, our management personnel have conducted winter survival training programs for the technical employees of our company as well as those of some major telecom companies.

In summary, Summit Communications, Inc. offers safe, reliable assistance with installation, turn-up, test, maintenance and/or winter site access combined with substantial cost savings to our customers. 

"We are very excited about the purchase of a new Tucker Terra 2000XL Sno-Cat to complement our existing Kassbohre Piston Bully PB100 machine. The Tucker is an excellent vehicle for communications site support."

Elko Mt. Nevada
Site Owned by American Tower

Ward Pk. California Winter / Summer

Lake Tahoe, CA./NV.
Tucker on the road to Relay Pk. near Mt. Rose, NV.

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Mt. Rose Communications Site
Owned and Operated by High Sierra Communications

Signal Pk. California

Elko Mt. Nevada
This is Pete. He has just fixed a microwave problem we worked on most of the night.

Elko Mt. Nevada
Very White, Cold, and Windy


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